N Akiko's Pottery
Akiko's Pottery

my home town,
sushi platter
square slab plate
white on black clay
soba bowl

dinner & breakfast plate
denim blue
flat plate
white matte on brown
10 inch bowl
honeydew mint on black
16 inch plate
white on black

soba choko, saucers
ekubo wine cup
tea cups

Brian Parent-Vellela
sail boat dinner ware

sake cups
coffee cup
white speckled
white porcelain soba choko

Food & Wine (Hirabachi)
Nov. 2011
Several Bowls
soup bowls

7 in. slab round plates
white with speckles

slab round plates
white on white clay

Slab Round Plates
white on black clay

poppy cups

udon bowl & rice bowl
Color Samples Black
Color Samples Brown
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